Bedsheets Buying Guide


At the time of buying bed sheets, we often get confused about which material will be right, today we will tell you which material will be right.

We often buy bed sheets, but we do not know about every detail. We generally buy by looking at the color print design, but along with this, many other factors are also considered.

Before Buying Bed sheets, consider these factors

No one likes to return their favorite bed sheet after buying it. You should know some important factors to avoid these problems

Factor 1- Wash care instructions

Do you know how to wash bed sheets? Will you be able to wash your bedsheets easily?

Factor 2- Purpose 

Do you know how to wash bed sheets? Will you be able to wash your bedsheets easily?

Factor 3- Size 

It is essential to buy the right size bed sheet otherwise it will not look good on your bed.

Factor 4- Texture

Always feel the bedsheets and see, if will these bedsheets be able to provide you with proper comfort. You have to take special care of the softness, the softness of a bedsheet depends on its thread count and woven.

Factor 5- Durability

Will these bed sheets last for a long time? If we are buying bed sheets for the children’s room, then the children jump and jump, will that bedsheet be able to bear all this?

Different Types Of Bedsheets

 We have differentiated according to the type of bedsheet, their fabric


 Cotton sheets are the most common because they are the most breathable and cool. Cotton is a natural fabric made from cotton. Being natural, it is also hypoallergenic. Cotton sheets are soft and breathable at times. Cotton bedsheets are also best because they do not get hot and stay cool. You can wash cotton bedsheets comfortably in the washing machine or by hand.

Cotton also has its own types:

1. Egyptian:-

This is the best type of cotton because it is durable and sometimes soft, in comparison to other types, it is the highest in quality, which is why it is the most expensive.

2. Pima:-

Pima is considered to be the best cotton after Egyptian cotton as it is always soft and smooth. Pima bedsheets give a luxurious feel to your bedroom. Its price is not as high as Egyptian but at the same time, you get a good quality Egyptian

3. Flannel:-

This cotton is a bit thick, so it is considered best for winter.

4. Upland:

This cotton is of slightly lower quality than Pima and Egyptian, but it is also soft and durable. It is also the most common cotton used in cotton, so its cost is also lower.

5. Jersey:-

The special thing about this cotton is its stretchable nature. These bed sheets are sometimes soft and sometimes it is easy to wash them. Over time these bedsheets become loose and lose their durability.


Polyester is a man-made fiber; it is comfortable as well as durable. You can wash polyester bed sheets comfortably, and there is no need to press them after washing. These are with extreme anti-wrinkle properties so they will not deform no matter how many times you sit and get up in it

Polyester is not as breathable as cotton, but it has its own stretchable quality. If we talk about raw polyester, it is not as stretchable, but if we look at its varieties, sometimes stretchable ones are found, such as spandex and lycra.


Yes, bamboo sheets are made, it is not so common, but it is sometimes more environmentally friendly. Bamboo sheets are sometimes soft and hypoallergenic, due to the natural material, they sometimes become breathable.

                                        To make a bamboo sheet, first, its cellulose is extracted from the bamboo plant, after that this fiber is beaten well and then we get bamboo rayon. This is how our bamboo sheets are made. Bamboo bed sheets are also wrinkle-resistant and durable.


Microfiber is only a type of polyester. Polyester is tightly woven before being converted into microfibres. Microfiber, being softer than polyester and less breathable than cotton, is the best option for winter. Microfiber makes your room look like a hotel room; your room becomes luxurious and elegant.


We all know how expensive silk is because it is a natural fiber produced by silkworms. The maintenance of silk is always high, but it cannot be denied that these bed sheets give a royal and sophisticated touch to your room. Silk is known to all of you for being super soft, but being natural, this bed sheet is also hypoallergenic. 

If you do not intend to use these bed sheets on a daily basis, I recommend purchasing a set at the very least because it is sometimes necessary to pamper yourself on special occasions.


Linen is also made from a natural fiber, first, the fibers are extracted from the flax plant, and this fiber is spun into yarn, after making yarn this yarn is thoroughly woven, and then the final product is our cloth. While soft, linen can sometimes be comfortable and durable.

If you ever sweat excessively, then these fabrics act as the best natural cooling agent for you.

When you buy linen bed sheets, they may seem a little stiff to you, but after one or two washes, they become loose and their stiffness ends completely.


Tencel is made from wood pulp, which is why it is sometimes more eco-friendly. The most important thing is that even while making it, the waste material remains, it is recycled and used again.

Tencel bed sheets are hypoallergenic and at the same time soft and smooth, but yes Tencel bed sheets cotton and linen are not breathable


We all know how luxurious satin is, if you lay a satin bedsheet in your bedroom, then your room gets a royal touch. 

Satin is made from synthetic fiber and has its own glamorous feel. While buying satin bed sheets, one thing must be kept in mind: those bedsheets are knitted or woven.

Sateen woven bed sheets are smoother and softer than ever

Talking about satin knitted bedsheets, they are slightly rough


A fitted sheet is a fabric sheet with elasticized edges made to fit snugly over a cushion. It has rubber bands on the edges of the textile edges to securely cover the bed mattress and maintain it at the location. With a fitted bedsheet, you can protect your cushion from grime, dust, and spills. Developed to cover the cushion firmly in the ideal place, the function of the fitted sheet is to safeguard the cushion and offer you a smooth, soft surface to push on. To ensure you have a comfortable experience laying on your fitted bed sheet mattress, it’s important to have the appropriate mattress measurements as well as deep pockets so the fitted sheet stays in place.

What are weaving and thread counts?


Fabric is made after weaving a yarn. Weaving is sometimes necessary because the softness and durability of your fabric depend on it.

Weaving can be of many types like satin, twill, dobby, percale

Thread Count

Thread count means how many threads have been woven into one square of fabric in the bedsheet. This is calculated by adding the number of lengthwise and breadthwise threads.

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