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11 Ways to Better Your Deep Sleep

We all know how important is to have sound sleep, which is going to help you keep going the whole day, working non-stop to complete your daily tasks. 

And you know how daunting it is to manage everything when we know how difficult it is to survive in today’s fast-paced world.

As a result, millions of people are chronically sleep-deprived and suffer the deleterious effects of low-quality sleep.

We all know that the outcomes of sleep deprivation aren’t good. As your immune system gets affected badly, diabetes, obesity, depression, memory loss, and many more.

So here we are to provide you with some tips to have great sleep.


Tips for Deep Sleep


Make Your Bed Before Going to Bed

It is as important as making your bed in the morning. 

You need to realize the importance of having good bedding before getting to sleep, which involves using good quality and fresh sheets, which means always try to buy bedsheets that are highly soft, anti-pilling, and breathable, that is, do keep in mind what type of fabric it is off. 

Secondly, use a good memory foam pillow so that they give you proper support for you whole night.


Avoid the Screens Before Bedtime

This is one of the most important things you need to practice to enjoy quality sleep. The artificial blue emitted by electronic screens triggers your body to produce more daytime (like cortisol) and disorients your body’s natural preparation for sleep. 

So if want deep sleep make sure to turn off all screens at least 90 minutes before bedtime, otherwise be ready to face more health issues.

Avoid caffeine intake -Caffeine is a potent stimulant of the neurological system. And having coffee before bedtime going badly affects your sleep. 

So it is high time to have coffee during the daytime and not consume it even six hours before bedtime. Those who can avoid caffeine should do it.


Go to Bed at the Right Time

You can get amplified benefits of sleep by sleeping at the right hours. And it’s been shown that sleeping between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. is the best time to sleep because you get the most rejuvenating effects during this period, and any sleep that you get in addition is a bonus.

So it is important to realize the importance of sleeping at the right time which will result in good sleep and even a good lifestyle.


Use a Waterproof Mattress Cover

Using a waterproof mattress protector protects your mattress from stains, spills, sweat, and bed wetting & enhancing its lifespan. 

It also acts as a good barrier for dust mites & bacteria, making sure you have a healthy sleep. 

The waterproof mattress protector, apart from having an absorbent terry surface, is lined with a TPU layer underneath. 

The TPU layer will ensure no liquid penetrates through the mattress protector. However, it is permeable to allow air particles out, keeping it dry & cool.


Create a Sleep Sanctuary

If you are willing to have sound sleep keep this in mind never bring work to bed with you and stop making your bedroom the entertainment hub of your house. 

Make sure to feel free and relaxed whenever you go the bed, otherwise taking office work or smartphones along with you going to negatively affect your sleep and love life also.


Get it Blacked Out

So this is very important for you to know that we sleep better in a dark environment, that is, having no artificial lights on while sleeping. 

Because if there’s light in your bedroom, your body is picking it up and sending messages to your brain and organs that can interfere with your sleep, which is going to impact the production of melatonin. And that’s not good.


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Exercises Daily

To sleep well, exercise more. Working out is the best way to become healthy and fit. Increasing insulin sensitivity, healthy hormone function, and metabolism are just a few of the many advantages you receive.

And make sure that you exercise early in the morning as it is the best time to do it to achieve the best sleep.


Lose Weight and Never Find It Again

One of the most overlooked problems with getting fat on your frame. Being overweight causes severe stress to your internal organs, and your nervous system and disrupts your endocrine system. 

Try to eat low-carb food and avoid eating before bedtime. And do drink hot water before going to sleep.


Practice Best Positions

What most of us ignore is our sleeping positions but you need to be aware of in which position are you sleeping. 

Always adopt the best sleeping positions so that you wake up fresh without any pain in your lower back or neck or arm.

You should also know that sleeping positions affect blood in your brain, the stability of your spine, blood pressure, and many more things.



Start meditating before going to bed and after you wake up in the morning. As this will help you relax and will keep your body calm. 

Doing it daily is something that will help you achieve better sleep at night. As meditating has a good history when it comes to balancing your body, mind, and soul and even helps you reduce chronic pain and associated inflammatory biomarkers.


Dress For the Occasion

This may sound funny but get dressed up when you go to your bed. Dressing up means wearing loose clothes, that is, pajamas or something you are comfortable in to feel relaxed and wash your face and feet also.

Wearing such clothes even make you feel fresh and provides you with some inner satisfaction resulting in healthy sleep.


What are 5 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep?

1. Fabric – It is very important for you to know which fabric you sleep in daily, whether is it cotton microfiber, synthetic, or mixed fabric bed sheets because sleeping on the right fabric is very crucial. Always prefer soft bed sheets that give you a luxe feel.

For example, synthetic is the worst to sleep on as it is non-breathable, rough, and bad for our skin to sleep on and even create discomfort, which is going to lead to irritation. As the result, your sleep will be hampered.

When it comes to microfiber bed sheets they as even softer than cotton ones and are breathable and anti-pilling also, which is going to make you feel cozy and relaxed.

2. Pillow – The second one of most important is to use a good quality bamboo pillow. We people always prefer going to the doctor paying them huge amounts to correct our neck, shoulder, or lower back pains but we never do an effort of buying a good quality pillow for ourselves or our family members.

Many of us don’t realize that pillow plays a very critical role when it comes to keeping your whole body in alignment while sleeping. This is something we all ignore.

So stop using pillows with bad stuffing which is going to make you feel comfortable, resulting in bad neck, shoulder, and lower back pain.

You should always use pillows that are soft and do have the stuffing of memory foam or ploy-fill, which are soft, durable, extremely fluffy, and do have hypoallergenic pillow covers.
This will help you to sleep in a relaxed way.

3. Right Time – To have a healthy lifestyle it is always important to have a proper sleeping pattern which means sleeping at the right time daily.

Practicing it with consistency will help you enjoy quality sleep and even it is scientifically proven that sleeping at the exact time eliminates all pain in your body if you are suffering from chronic pain.

Remember the best time to sleep is 10 p.m. as our body functions in the best way to heal our body tissues and pain if any.

4. Stay Hydrated – Keep yourself hydrated all day, every person should drink at least 4-5 liters of normal water, it helps you flush out all the toxic materials from your body leaving it fresh.

Dehydration is something that brings your body to a bad position resulting in constipation, etc. If you keep on drinking a good amount of water then this will help you experience a sound sleep. And also you will wake up fresh.

5. Workout – The more you sweat, the more your body will feel light and fresh because while exercising we tend to release “good feel” hormones that trigger a positive feeling in your body and even give you a sense of satisfaction, resulting in good night’s sleep.

You will realize how effective and beneficial it is to work out daily and you will notice that sleeping feels different and fantastic.


Tailbone Pain (Coccydynia): Causes & Pain Relief

Nowadays, tailbone pain is common among people of all ages because of their sedentary lifestyle, which leads to disturbed sleep at night. 

Medically tailbone is referred to as the coccyx. This small bone located at the bottom of the spine is prone to injury and soreness. 

So it is important to keep it in alignment by practicing a few positions while sleeping, which will reduce the pressure on the coccyx and will result in relief. 

Before telling you the best sleeping positions, it is important to analyze the causes of tailbone pain.

Causes of Tailbone Pain (Coccydynia) 

1. Broken Tailbone

A fractured or broken tailbone is the most concerning and severe cause of tailbone pain.

If your tailbone is indeed broken, you’ll most likely notice it right away. It usually occurs as a result of a specific event, such as a serious fall, injury, or trauma.

In other cases, something as simple as sitting on a hard surface can break your tailbone. 

Because the tailbone is so small and easy to break or dislocate, it’s not uncommon to end up with a broken tailbone.

 2. Pregnancy

Another cause of tailbone pain is pregnancy. When someone is pregnant, there is a lot of extra pressure on lower back pain, which leads to coccydynia. 

As the result during pregnancy, there is a lot more pain due to additional weight.

3. Tailbone Pain When Sitting

A cause of daily tailbone pain is prolonged sitting or a sedentary lifestyle.

For instance, people working in the office are seated at a desk all day due to which whole pressure goes on to the tailbone resulting in coccydynia and achiness. 

Moreover, chairs in offices are poorly designed resulting in misalignment of the tailbone. 

What Causes Tailbone Pain to Be Worse at Night?

Go to bed thinking that you will get relief and will get up fresh and pain-free the next morning but unluckily things turn out against you because you sleeping in odd positions and not checking the positions you are sleeping in. 

So this is why tailbone pain is worse at night.

How is Tailbone Pain Treated?

1. Side Sleeping with a Pillow Between Your Knees

For those who are side sleepers, you better have a pillow between your knees so that your coccyx is in alignment with the whole body. 

And even you can place a pillow in front of you, so your top arm can rest on it and also prevent you from twisting your torso. 

In addition, women particularly might need a small pillow at the waist if they feel uncomfortable there.

Sleeping in the proper position will give a positive result and prevents you from further damage. Also, this position is good for pregnant women to cradle their bellies.

2. Lie on Your Back with a Pillow Beneath Your Knees

This is one of the best positions to sleep in as this will keep your spine and joints correctly aligned. 

Also, this will help you rest comfortably and allow your musculoskeletal system to restore itself overnight.

When opting for this position, remember to place a lumbar pillow beneath your knees. This allows your lower back to relax on your mattress which otherwise would not be possible to give tailbone support while sleeping, making the problem worse. 

As the result, there will be less pressure on the tailbone, and your body will feel refreshed in the morning. 

3. A Pillow Under Your Abdomen While Sleeping on Your Stomach

You may have heard that stomach sleeping is bad, well, this is partly true because it is going to add stress to your lower back and neck. 

But you can sleep on your stomach without adding stressing your lower back and neck, by placing a king size pillow under your lower abdomen to release some of the pressure off your back. 

Also, it is optional to use a pillow under your head, depending on your comfort.

This position is only preferred to those who are in habit of sleeping on their stomach with coccyx pain.

4. Remember: Alignment is key

Always try and make a routine to sleep in a good position. I know many of you are habitual of sleeping in a certain way but to have healthy sleep you have to focus on improving your sleeping position, especially for people with tailbone pain otherwise it will get worse day by day. 

As the result, the integrity of your spine will be maintained, and will always get up fresh and relaxed.

Throughout the Day, Consider Using a Coccyx Cushion, that is, Memory Foam Seat Cushions.

Using a Coccyx cushion not only keeps your tailbone in its position but keeps your whole body in alignment and you will not feel fatigued. 

And in case you are suffering from coccyx injury or pain then it is best for you as it will help in relieving pain.

If not able to get relief then do consult a doctor for the same immediately to prevent long periods of pain.


Everything You Should Know About Bamboo Pillows

You all may be wondering what are bamboo pillows and what`s there in them. so let`s find out all about bamboo pillows. 

So basically, the casing of the pillow is made up of bamboo fibres, which come from a crushed up, treated, and hardened mixture of bamboo leaves and trunk flesh, and are generally filled with shredded memory foam. 

In other words, A bamboo pillow is a type of shredded foam pillow where the outside cover is made from bamboo. The inside pillow filling is of memory foam.

Why are Bamboo Pillows Special?

Bamboo fibres are the best moisture absorbent. They also allow hot air to escape. Compared to other fabrics used to make pillows, bamboo is better at keeping a sleeper’s head cool and dry.

Moreover, bamboo fabric which is used in bamboo pillows is known for its excellent breathability.

Why Bamboo Pillows are Better?

 1. Antimicrobial Bamboo Pillows

The term “antimicrobial” simply means that bacteria cannot thrive on a bamboo pillow. That sounds like good news for something you’ll be putting your face against all night.

The high lignin content of bamboo fibre makes it antimicrobial. Lignin makes it difficult for bacteria to stick to your pillow’s surface and grow and thrive. As a result, you’ll have a better night’s sleep overall.

While this is not recommended, it does mean that you will not need to wash your bamboo pillow as frequently as you would other pillows. This brings me to the next point I’d like to make.

2. Easy to Wash 

Washing bamboo pillows is not a daunting task for anybody as it is very easy to wash them safely. as there is no pain in washing them, it is easy to separate the pillow cover and pillow by zipping. and they are dryer safe.

3. Hypoallergenic

Another big word with a simple meaning. If you suffer from allergies, a bamboo pillow could be exactly what you’re looking for. Because the fibres are found in nature, they are less likely to aggravate your allergies.

The process of turning bamboo wood into bamboo fibre uses far fewer chemicals than that of most synthetic fibres.

This means that there will be fewer chemicals to irritate allergy sensitivities, and you will be able to get a good night’s sleep.

4. Long Lasting 

When it comes to durability, bamboo pillows are the best as they tend to endure longer than the majority of other pillows.

Moreover, it is very common that germs and bacteria got up into your pillows because of the sweat we release, so it is always recommended to buy new pillows every 12-18 months.

But, because of bamboo’s fiber natural qualities, bamboo pillows may stay healthy for up to two years. 

That means more glorious nights of solid sleep and fewer expenses going to pillows throughout your life. That sounds like a double win for people choosing bamboo pillows.

5. Keep Head Cool 

Synthetic fibres are frequently less breathable than natural fibres. This implies that sleeping on a bamboo pillow allows more air to circulate on your head and face. This will help you stay cool at night.

So, if you frequently find yourself heated and irritated in the middle of the night, a bamboo pillow canada can be precisely what you need. 

They also do a great job of wicking moisture away from your face and head, keeping you cool and leading me to my next point.

6. Good Absorbent

Natural fibres are known to absorb more moisture than synthetic fibres. Bamboo, on the other hand, is one of the most absorbent natural fibres used by humans.

Bamboo is used in a variety of items that rely on being absorbent. This means that if you’re a hot sleeper, your bamboo cushion will wick sweat away from your face and head and keep you cool all night. As the result, you will have quality sleep.

This is not all, bamboo pillows still have much more to offer you, that is, the benefits of memory foam that is there inside the bamboo cover.

7. Memory Foam Molds to Offer More Support

Memory foam, as a viscoelastic material, can conform to the shape of your body. The cushion adjusts to the contour of your head and neck as you lie down on it.

Memory foam’s hardness, combined with its capacity to cradle your neck, guarantees that your cervical spine is appropriately supported all night.

8. Better Alignment is Encouraged

Unlike ordinary pillows, which allow your head to sink in, memory foam is a fairly hard material that prevents this.


Everything About the Coccyx You Ought to Know

Many of you may be thinking about what “coccyx” means. Typically, the coccyx is mentioned as the “tailbone.”

The coccyx, or tailbone, is way more significant than you might imagine. And not taking care of it can result in major painful problems, which can persist for your whole life.

Let’s discuss this underappreciated structure.

What Is Coccyx?

It is a small grouping of three to five bones in the vicinity of your tailbone that began as distinct bones but eventually fuses together by the time you’re 30.

The coccyx is a triangular arrangement of bone that makes up the very bottom portion of the spine below the sacrum, bears weight and is a crucial part of the body, performs significant functions such as walking, sitting, etc.

Location of Coccyx

In your spine, your coccyx is directly beneath your sacrum, A Bone structure at the base of your spine. Several tendons, muscles and ligaments hook up with it.

Both the coccyx and, therefore, the ischial tuberosities (two bones that make up the bottom of your pelvis) bear your weight when you sit down and know how important it is to keep it in alignment and protect it from any injury.

What Causes Tailbone Pain (Coccydynia)?

Before understanding the causes, you should know that Coccyx pain, aka coccydynia or coccygodynia, is a common problem.

Also, it has been estimated that 1% of any population report back pain, part of which is coccyx pain. Moreover, this pain occurs five times more frequently in women than in men.

Causes Resulting in Coccydynia (TAILBONE PAIN)


Falling is one of the frequent reasons or causes that result in tailbone pain. And rarely is there any person who hasn’t fallen backwards onto their behind! Maybe you fell off a ladder.

Or maybe you got your foot on the ice. All this will take a toll on the coccyx, which as a consequence, can bruise, break (fracture) or dislocate (knock out of place) your tailbone (coccyx).


During the trimester of pregnancy, a woman’s body secretes hormones that soften the area between the sacrum and the coccyx.

This permits the coccyx to move as necessary during childbirth. This is often a natural process, but unfortunately, such movement may stretch the muscles and ligaments around the coccyx too far, causing additional pain.

Such a strain on those soft tissues keeps them from supporting your coccyx at the right angle.

Having an Excessive or Inadequate Weight

Extra weight applies additional pressure to the coccyx. This will cause the coccyx to lean backward.

Your tailbone will get hurt if it’s out of position, whereas if you don’t have enough fat in your buttocks to stop your coccyx from rubbing against the muscles, ligaments and tendons, which will also cause coccydynia.


Nowadays, we all are following a sedentary lifestyle resulting in long hours of sitting, which is going to increase coccyx pain, especially if you’re sitting on a tough or narrow surface.

And to avoid it, stretch and take a brief walk. Even better, find a softer, more comfortable seat or must use a cushioned seat.

Ways of Treating Coccygeal Pain

There are some ways through which one can treat coccygeal pain in a better way through a few changes, so here are some practices that one should do to stop it from any misalignment.

1. Proper Seating

As we all know today most are living sedentary lifestyles whether it is men or women, sitting in one place for long hours to complete their deadlines or it is the pupil who is busy working hard to cope with their peer fellows or it is old age people suffering from various diseases which force them to spend long hours at one place.

During this, you actually need to add a little something to your seating arrangement, to stay your coccyx in a healthy position.

Moreover, it’s beneficial to use a coccyx seat cushion that has a cutout for the coccyx to ensure that you aren’t putting too much pressure on the small bone.

This sort of cushion will also encourage proper posture, ensuring that the rest of your spine is in line as well.

2. Avoid Sitting or Standing Still for Too Long

It’s important for every individual to avoid such situations where they have to stand or sit still for a long hour period.

As an example, someone working in an office had to take a seat at one place to get the work done but find reasons to get up and move to break the monotony for a few minutes at least every couple of hours.

This might mean getting a drink of water, visiting the break room for coffee, or visiting to deliver a message to a colleague instead of emailing them.

3. Good Sleeping Positions

After working all day, it’s important to keep a check on your sleeping positions so that you wake up fresh the next morning otherwise, you will ruin your whole day.

Like, do make sure you give relief to your coccyx, do not put pressure on it. In addition, using good quality memory foam pillow also will help you to keep your spine aligned while you are sleeping and keep pressure off your coccyx.

If you have ever downplayed the significance of your coccyx, we hope at this point you have realised how vital this tiny, triangular bone is to your overall health.

Just in case you are not able to improve pain, do consult the doctor immediately to avoid serious injury. Possible treatment options are physiotherapy, steroids, injections, medications like Ibuprofen or Aspirin, and stool softeners.

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